Love Your Flag?  Tired Of Your Old Flagpole?

Are you frustrated seeing your flag wrapped around your flagpole and tired of always untangling your flag? No More! 

Image your flag flying free, fluttering in the breeze with NO effort on your part! Spinning Flagpoles are the newest, greatest invention ever!


6' White Premium Aluminum Spinning Flagpole with Golden Ball Top
Silver Spinning Flagpole



6' Silver Premium Aluminum Spinning Flagpole with Golden Ball Top



6' Wood-look Premium Resin Spinning Flagpole with Golden Ball Top



Estate Deluxe Spinning Flagpole Compete Set - 6' Premium Flagpole, Top Quality 3' x 5' US Flag and mounting bracket - see details below!

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Spinning Flagpole image

This set contains everything you need to proudly and elegantly display your US Flag!

Makes a great gift package too!

Estate Spinning Flagpole Complete Set


  • White, Premium Aluminum 6 foot spinning flagpole

  • Gleaming BallTop

  • Premium 3 x 5' Deluxe Nylon US Flag

  • Deluxe white cast-aluminum adjustable mounting bracket

  • ONLY $79 for this complete package 

Spinning Flagpole image
Amazing New Spinning Flagpoles

  • Learn the secret that will drive your neighbors wild!

  • Space-age technology uses ball bearings, keeps your flag flying free!

  • Your Flag will never wrap around your flagpole again!

  • Incredible low price of only $27.99 for Premium Aluminum Spinning Flagpole in White, Silver or Wood-look with ball top.
  • You'll never waste time unwrapping your flag again.

    Imagine how envious your neighbors will be! They?ll wonder as they drive by your house, seeing your flag waving in the breeze and wonder what your secret is.

    These amazing, hard-to-find, Spinning Flagpoles operate on space-age ball bearings and require no maintenance. Available in 6 foot lengths in pure white, classic silver or wood tone with your choice of classic ball or gleaming golden eagle top!

    Your deluxe Spinning Flagpole comes complete with 2 flag fasteners and we'll also include 2 snap and swivel rings for both traditional flag flying AND decorative banner display FREE of charge! Not only will you be able to use your Spinning Flagpole for flying your traditional American Flag, you'll also be able to use it for flying your decorative, holiday flag to welcome your guests.

    Spinning Flagpoles fit standard 1" brackets and are perfect to use with our Premium Nylon, Color Fast American Flags in 2.5 x 4 foot or 3 x 5 foot sizes or decorative nylon flags up to 50 inches in length. Not recommended for use with lesser quality or heavier flags.

      Spinning Flagpoles make incredible gifts for those hard-to-buy-for people on your gift list! Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!   2005 and beyond   All rights reserved

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